Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association - Colorado
Mission Statement
To use a total system that teaches Japanese karate as a traditional art.

To provide personal and group instruction in every class.

To provide the best professional karate school.

To develop an environment for every individual to achieve a greater skill.

To build strong students and harmonize the mind (spirit) and body.

To seek new and creative ways of teaching karate within Japanese karate tradition.

Latest News   

3rd Funakoshi Cup
The 3rd Funakoshi Cup Karate Tournament will be on 6/6/2015.

Christmas Dinner
We had a great Christmas dinner at 3 Margaritas on 12/20. Don't miss the pictures.

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Karate Photos
The pictures of the FSKA World Karate Championships are gradually being uploaded to Orders for the pictures are welcome.


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